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Academic Anime

Attack of the Cartoon Brains!

Sandra Annett
Welcome, bienvenue and irasshaimase! This is my "academic anime" journal, where I'll post about anime, manga, Japanese and global popular culture, world animation, and scholarship about it. I began this journal largely for myself as an exercise in writing, but over the years it has become an important part of my research. Some of the posts and the information I gathered here were used in my PhD thesis, "Animating Transcultural Communities: Animation Fandom in North America and East Asia from 1906-2010" (University of Manitoba, 2011). I hope to continue "thinking aloud" here about anime as I begin my teaching career at Wilfrid Laurier University.

This blog should be especially useful to you if you're working on animation, visual culture, or new media in any academic context. But it isn't all work and no play here: I'm a fangirl too. A little squeeing (or ranting) is always in order! ^^ So please, feel free to comment, explore, play, and discuss.
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